Apple’s Future Mac Lineup
Apple’s Future Mac Lineup

Apple’s Future Mac Lineup: Rumors of M3-Powered MacBooks and iMacs with Enhanced Performance


According to a source, Mac is testing a new MacBook Ace with an M3 Max processor.

Apple is testing up to six different Macintoshes, all based on the M3 CPUs, which will be announced in phases over the next two years. According to a Bloomberg story published on Sunday, Macintosh is working on a processor with up to 40 GPU centres for another high-quality MacBook Star.

The upcoming M3-based MacBook Professional (Macintosh 15,7, Macintosh 15,8, J514 and J516) is also expected to be available in two sizes — 14-inch and 16-inch, with either the M3 Master with 12-center processor and 18-center GPU or the M3 Max with 16-center processor and 40-center GPU.
It is also said that Apple’s iMac little scale might get a significant performance boost, with the future M3 iMac small scale offering 24 GB of Smash, coupled with an 8-center central CPU and a 10-center GPU, as opposed to an M2 iMac little with only 8 GB of Slam on the basic mode. Mac is also testing an all-new iMac (Macintosh 15,4, Macintosh 15,5, J433 and J434) and a 13-inch MacBook Pro (Macintosh 15,3 and J504) using the same M3 processor.

According to recent rumors, Apple is reportedly working on a new series of Macintosh computers featuring M3 processors. These Macs are said to be released in phases over the next two years and include various models such as the MacBook Ace, MacBook Professional, and iMac small scale.

The M3 processors are expected to offer enhanced performance compared to their predecessors. They come in different configurations, including the M3 Master with a 12-center processor and 18-center GPU, and the M3 Max with a 16-center processor and 40-center GPU. These processors are anticipated to provide improved processing power and graphics capabilities.

Yes, the upcoming MacBook Professional is rumored to be available in two sizes: 14-inch and 16-inch. Both sizes will offer options for the M3 Master and M3 Max processors, providing users with a choice based on their performance needs.

 The M3 iMac small scale is expected to receive a significant performance boost. It might include 24 GB of RAM, an 8-center central CPU, and a 10-center GPU. This is a notable improvement over the previous M2 iMac small model, which had 8 GB of RAM.

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