Urfi Javed Faces Legal Trouble Over Controversial Arrest Video
Urfi Javed Faces Legal Trouble Over Controversial Arrest Video

Urfi Javed Faces Legal Trouble Over Controversial Arrest Video: FIR Lodged for Personation and Defamation


In recent events, social media influencer and former ‘Bigg Boss’ contestant, Urfi Javed, found herself entangled in legal turmoil due to a staged arrest video that drew widespread attention. Known for her bold fashion choices, Javed, along with her associates, orchestrated a mock “raid,” falsely depicting a scenario where individuals impersonated police officials and purportedly attempted to take action against her for her choice of clothing.

The Mumbai Police intervened following the viral circulation of this controversial reel, denouncing it as defamatory and detrimental to their image. Addressing the situation on the social media platform X, the police clarified that the video depicting the alleged arrest by Mumbai Police was misleading and exploited police insignia and uniforms for the staged act.

As a result, the police initiated legal action, filing a criminal case under several sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), including sections 171, 419, 500, and 34. These sections relate to fraudulent intent by wearing garments or carrying tokens of public servants, cheating by personation, defamation, and common intention.

The statement issued by the police highlighted that the staged video, aimed at self-promotion, misled the public and misrepresented the department’s stance on clothing choices, giving a false impression of opposition against those donning revealing attire.

Consequently, Urfi Javed, along with two other women portraying constables, and a male associate impersonating a police officer, were named in the First Information Report (FIR) and booked under the various sections of the IPC.

Furthermore, a notice under CrPC section 41A was served to accused Ganpatbhai Sawajibhai Makwana, the individual portraying a police officer in the video, for an appearance before the police officer, as stipulated in the section.

The investigation is ongoing as the authorities take necessary steps to address the misuse of police insignia and the misleading nature of the viral video, ensuring appropriate legal measures are implemented.

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