Demystifying the "Time Out" Rule in Cricket
Demystifying the "Time Out" Rule in Cricket

Understanding the “Timed Out” Rule in Cricket


In a recent cricket match during the World Cup, Sri Lankan batsman Angelo Mathews faced a contentious ‘timed out’ dismissal, leading to a heated controversy. Mathews demanded “justice” from the International Cricket Council (ICC) and labeled Bangladesh captain Shakib Al Hasan “a cheat” for his role in the incident. The dispute revolves around the interpretation of the ‘timed out’ rule and whether Mathews was ready to face the next delivery within the stipulated time. Prominent cricketers weighed in on the controversy, sparking a broader discussion about adhering to the rules versus upholding the spirit of the game in modern cricket. The outcome remains uncertain as the cricketing world awaits the ICC’s response to Mathews’ demands for justice.

Q1: What is the “Timed Out” rule in cricket?

A2: In cricket, a “Timed Out” is a method of dismissal that occurs when a new batsman fails to arrive at the crease within two minutes of the previous batsman’s dismissal. This rule is designed to maintain the flow of the game, and if the incoming batsman takes longer than the stipulated time, they can be declared out.

Q2: Who is Shakib Al Hasan?

A1: Shakib Al Hasan is a well-known Bangladeshi cricketer renowned for his exceptional skills as both a batsman and a bowler. He has represented Bangladesh in international cricket and has achieved numerous accolades throughout his career.

Q3: Is there a concept of “time out” in cricket like in some other sports?

A3: No, in cricket, there is no concept of a “time out” as seen in some other sports. Cricket follows continuous play, with brief intervals for drinks, lunch, and tea during longer formats of the game.

Q4: What controversy was Angelo Mathews involved in regarding the “Timed Out” rule?

A4: Angelo Mathews, a prominent Sri Lankan cricketer, was involved in a controversial “Timed Out” dismissal during a match. This incident generated significant attention and debate within the cricketing community.

Q5: How did the “Timed Out” dismissal controversy impact Angelo Mathews and Shakib Al Hasan? A5: The “Timed Out” dismissal controversy led Angelo Mathews to demand “justice” from the International Cricket Council (ICC) and label Bangladesh captain Shakib Al Hasan as “a cheat.” The incident has sparked discussions about the application of the rules in cricket.

Q6: What is the role of ICC in addressing such cricketing controversies?

A6: The International Cricket Council (ICC) plays a pivotal role in overseeing international cricket and addressing controversies. They review and make decisions on matters related to the rules and regulations of the game.

Q7: How do prominent cricketers and former players view the “Timed Out” controversy involving Angelo Mathews and Shakib Al Hasan? 

A7: Several prominent cricketers, including Dale Steyn, Usman Khawaja, Gautam Gambhir, and Waqar Younis, expressed their discontent with the incident. Waqar Younis commented that it wasn’t good for the spirit of cricket.

Q8: What stance did Shakib Al Hasan take regarding the “Timed Out” controversy? 

A8: Shakib Al Hasan, Bangladesh’s captain, defended his actions and stated that he had followed the rules with no regrets. His stance found support from former England captain Michael Vaughan.

Q9: How does the “Timed Out” rule relate to the spirit of cricket and modern game discussions? 

A9: The “Timed Out” rule controversy ignited a broader discussion about the balance between adhering to the rules and upholding the spirit of cricket in the modern game.

Q10: What remains uncertain in the aftermath of the “Timed Out” controversy involving Angelo Mathews and Shakib Al Hasan? 

A10: It remains uncertain whether the ICC will address Angelo Mathews’ demands for “justice,” or if this controversy will persist during the remainder of the World Cup.

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