Eknath Shinde Responds to Calls for Resignation Amid Maratha Protests


On Friday, police used lathi charges and poison gas shells to disperse a furious mob at a town in the Jalna region after protesters allegedly refused to allow medical personel to take Jarange Patil to an emergency room. Patil has been orchestrating a hunger strike in support of Maratha standards.

Eknath Shinde, the Maharashtra Boss Priest, slammed the resistance organisations on Monday for asking him to renounce the cruelty associated with the unrest in the Jalna area in the middle of the ongoing battles for Maratha dominance.

Eknath Shinde and his representative Devendra Fadnavis have been the targets of demands for resignation from opposition organisations in Maharashtra, including the Shiv Sena (UBT), National Congress (NCP), and Congress.

“The Resistance is morally insufficient to demand that Devendra Fadnavis and I retract our views. They did nothing when they were in control. The Maratha reservation is something the government is working really hard to fulfill. In a statement to Mumbai reporters, Shinde said that this issue shouldn’t be politicized.

The Central Priest further stated that senior supporter Harish Balm is a member of the public authority’s team, which has been put together. “Our government is generally making progress. What happened in Jalna is abhorrent, he continued.

The recent events, according to certain political figures, should be used to solve governmental problems under the pretence of the Maratha people group and protest. We have a responsibility to keep the state quiet, therefore I urge them to do so,” Shinde added 

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