Adipurush dialogue backlash
Adipurush dialogue backlash

Controversy Surrounding Manoj Muntashir’s Dialogue in Adipurush


Manoj Muntashir, the dialogue writer for the  movie Adipurush, has faced backlash after a video of him went viral on social media.

 In the video, he states that Lord Hanuman, also known as Bajrangbali, is “not a god” but rather a devotee whose devotion to Lord Ram elevated him to a deity.

 This statement has sparked criticism and outrage.

The dialogue in Adipurush has already faced scrutiny, with concerns raised about the language used by the characters

 In response to the protests, Manoj Muntashir had requested security for himself. However, the situation escalated further when the video of him claiming that Lord Hanuman was not a god started circulating online.

In the video, Manoj Muntashir tries to clarify his remarks during an interview with AajTak. He explains that Bajrangbali is a devotee and not a deity, but his unwavering devotion to Lord Ram makes him divine during that time.

He says, “Bajrangbali bhagwan nahi hai, bhakt hai” (Bajrangbali is not a god, but a devotee). He adds that the decision to elevate Lord Hanuman to a god was due to the strength of his love and devotion. This statement has sparked significant controversy.

When defending the dialogues in Adipurush, Manoj Muntashir emphasized that the conversations were carefully crafted for the characters in the movie.

 He stated that it was essential for different characters to have different dialogues to maintain authenticity and diversity.

In light of the situation, Manoj Muntashir has been provided security by the Mumbai Police after expressing concerns about his safety.

The lyricist, known for his popular song “Teri Mitti,” raised the alarm about potential threats to his life, leading the authorities to take precautionary measures.

The controversy surrounding Manoj Muntashir’s remarks in the video has sparked intense discussions on social media, with people sharing their opinions and concerns about the dialogue in Adipurush and its portrayal of revered deities.

The controversy surrounding Manoj Muntashir revolves around his statement about Lord Hanuman not being a god, which sparked backlash and criticism.

Manoj Muntashir is associated with the movie Adipurush as the dialogue writer.

The outrage was triggered by a viral video in which Manoj Muntashir claimed that Lord Hanuman is not a god but a devotee, causing controversy and drawing criticism.

Yes, Manoj Muntashir requested security in light of the protests, and the Mumbai Police have provided him with protection.

People have been sharing their opinions and concerns on social media, expressing their views on the Adipurush dialogues and the portrayal of revered deities.

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