Angelo Mathews 'Timed Out' Controversy
Angelo Mathews 'Timed Out' Controversy

Sri Lanka’s Angelo Mathews Demands ‘Justice’ After 1st Controversial ‘Timed Out’ Dismissal


Angelo Mathews ‘Timed Out’ Controversy

In a recent turn of events, Sri Lankan cricketer Angelo Mathews has taken to social media to demand “justice” from the International Cricket Council (ICC) while making strong allegations against Bangladesh captain Shakib Al Hasan following a controversial incident during the World Cup.

Angelo Mathews didn’t hold back his words during a post-match press conference after a highly contentious ‘timed out’ dismissal that effectively dashed Sri Lanka’s hopes in the World Cup. He openly labeled Shakib Al Hasan “a cheat” and criticized what he referred to as a “disgraceful” appeal for the contentious dismissal.

The incident in question revolved around Mathews’ apparent failure to comply with the World Cup rule stating that a new batter must be ready to face a delivery within two minutes of a wicket falling. Mathews, however, argued that he had been prepared within seconds before the chinstrap on his helmet unexpectedly broke, necessitating a replacement.

Mathews bolstered his stance with time-stamped video screenshots, asserting, “Video evidence shows I still had five more seconds even after the helmet gave way! Can the fourth umpire rectify this, please? Safety is paramount, as I just couldn’t face the bowler without a helmet. This is clear cheating, and I seek justice.”

Contrary to Mathews’ claims, fourth umpire Adrian Holdstock held a different perspective. He maintained that Mathews wasn’t prepared to receive the ball within the mandated two minutes even before the helmet strap issue arose, emphasizing the batsman’s responsibility to be ready within the stipulated time.

This incident has sparked a heated debate, with prominent cricketers, including Dale Steyn, Usman Khawaja, Gautam Gambhir, and Waqar Younis, expressing their support for Mathews. Waqar Younis commented, “That wasn’t good for the spirit of cricket,” while Mohammad Kaif criticized Shakib for his appeal and lack of reconsideration, remarking, “Shakib should believe in winning but not ‘winning at all costs.’ That was shameful.”

In response to the backlash, Shakib Al Hasan, Bangladesh’s captain, stood his ground during a post-match press conference, asserting that he had followed the rules and had no regrets. His stance found support from former England captain Michael Vaughan, who stated, “It’s utter nonsense talking about the spirit of the game; the umpire got it right.”

This incident has sparked a broader discussion about the balance between adhering to the rules and upholding the spirit of cricket in the modern game. The cricketing world now awaits the ICC’s response to Mathews’ demands for “justice” and how this controversy will unfold during the rest of the World Cup.

Sri Lanka's Angelo Mathews Demands 'Justice' After Controversial 'Timed Out' Dismissal

In a recent cricket match during the World Cup, Sri Lankan batsman Angelo Mathews faced a contentious ‘timed out’ dismissal, leading to a heated controversy. Mathews demanded “justice” from the International Cricket Council (ICC) and labeled Bangladesh captain Shakib Al Hasan “a cheat” for his role in the incident. The dispute revolves around the interpretation of the ‘timed out’ rule and whether Mathews was ready to face the next delivery within the stipulated time. Prominent cricketers weighed in on the controversy, sparking a broader discussion about adhering to the rules versus upholding the spirit of the game in modern cricket. The outcome remains uncertain as the cricketing world awaits the ICC’s response to Mathews’ demands for justice.


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