Viral video of Dhoni playing Candy Crush
Viral video of Dhoni playing Candy Crush

The Viral Video of MS Dhoni Playing Candy Crush: A Delightful Surprise for Fans


Meta Description: Watch the viral video of former Indian cricket captain MS Dhoni playing Candy Crush on a flight that took social media by storm. Discover how the cricket superstar’s affinity for the popular game added to its popularity and became a trending topic on Twitter.

The popularity of Candy Crush soared even higher when a video of MS Dhoni playing the addictive game went viral on social media. It didn’t take long for the game to become one of the top Twitter trends, thanks to the Indian cricket icon’s involvement.

What makes Candy Crush even more appealing is its universal appeal. Regardless of age, anyone can enjoy the game series, immersing themselves in its challenging levels and keeping them glued to their mobile screens for hours.

During a flight, a video surfaced of MS Dhoni engrossed in playing Candy Crush, capturing the attention of fellow passengers and fans alike. The clip quickly gained traction on social media, with the hashtag #CandyCrush joining the list of trending topics alongside MS Dhoni.

In the viral video, an IndiGo air hostess approached Dhoni with a basket of candies and chocolates, accompanied by a heartfelt note. Meanwhile, Dhoni, absorbed in the game, continued to enjoy playing Candy Crush on his tablet. After a brief conversation with the cricketing legend, the flight attendant returned to her duties.

The encounter between the 41-year-old cricketer, who recently underwent knee surgery, and the fan-turned-flight attendant became heartwarming. Dhoni graciously accepted the treats and engaged in a friendly conversation before the attendant resumed her duties.

The video showcased Dhoni’s modest and unassuming demeanour, earning him immense praise and adoration from fans. It also drew attention to his gaming skills, with people expressing curiosity about his expertise in Candy Crush.

Adding to the buzz, a Twitter account named “Candy Crush Saga Official” (a spoof account) joined the conversation. In a playful tweet, the account jokingly credited Dhoni for attracting 3.6 million new users to the game through his inadvertent brand promotion. Fans initially mistook the tweet to be from the official Indian account until it became clear that it was a fan page.

As Dhoni continues his recovery, he expressed the possibility of playing in another IPL game before considering retirement. This announcement brought a sigh of relief to his concerned fans, who eagerly await his return to the field.

The viral video of MS Dhoni playing Candy Crush showcased a different side of the cricket legend, captivating fans worldwide and adding to the game’s ever-growing popularity.

The video of MS Dhoni playing Candy Crush went viral due to his immense popularity as a former Indian cricket captain and the unexpected sight of him engrossed in the game during a flight.

The combination of MS Dhoni’s involvement in playing Candy Crush and the viral video showcasing it led to the game becoming a top Twitter trend, generating widespread discussions and interest among fans.

Fans reacted positively to the video, praising Dhoni’s modest and unassuming demeanor while enjoying the game. It garnered admiration for his ability to find relaxation and entertainment in playing Candy Crush.

MS Dhoni’s video playing Candy Crush did contribute to the game’s popularity. The viral video brought attention to the game, and a playful tweet from a spoof account humorously credited Dhoni for attracting millions of new users to Candy Crush.

While MS Dhoni recently underwent knee surgery, he has expressed the possibility of playing in another IPL game before making any retirement decisions. His fans eagerly await his return to the field.

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