PM Modi US Visit
PM Modi US Visit

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Historic US Visit Strengthening Bilateral Ties and Cultural Exchanges 2023

  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi thanked President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden for their warm welcome at the White House during his visit to the United States.


  • As part of their meeting, the president, first lady, and prime minister enjoyed a private dinner accompanied by a musical tribute highlighting the diverse regions of India, as shared by the White House.


  • Earlier in the day, PM Modi led a meaningful celebration of the 9th International Day of Yoga at the UN Headquarters, where he was joined by UN representatives, diplomats, and notable individuals. Following this event, he traveled from New York to Washington.


  • President Joe Biden gifted PM Modi a vintage camera and an antique book gallery during their meeting. Notably, the prime minister received a specially crafted sandalwood box made by a skilled craftsman from Jaipur, Rajasthan. The box features intricate carvings of plants and animals, and the sandalwood used was sourced from Mysore, Karnataka.


  • In return, Prime Minister Modi presented President Biden with a copy of the first edition of “The Ten Principal Upanishads” book. This edition was printed at University Press Glasgow and released by London’s Faber and Faber Ltd.


  • The leaders also discussed the possibility of initiating an exchange program for teachers between the United States and India, aiming to foster educational collaboration and cultural exchange between the two nations.

PM Modi's give special gifts to Joe biden, and first lady Jill Biden: Sandalwood box, green diamond

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