Manoj Ramesh Sane with Saraswati Vaidya

Mumbai Mira Road Case

Mumbai Mira Road case

Mumbai Mira Road case:

Mira Road killing: The accused said she was ‘like my daughter,’ and he cut Vaidya into pieces also Boiled and roasted body pieces and bones all over the kitchen.


Manoj Ramesh Sane, age 56, who was arrested, has claimed that Saraswati Vaidya, 32, died by suicide on June 3.

According to interrogation, police said Manoj Ramesh of killing his alleged live-in partner in his flat in the Geeta Nagar of Mira Road, in Mumbai.

He allegedly chopped the body into too many pieces; police said during interrogation that he is HIV positive.

He never had a physical relationship with Vaidya; he said she was “like she was my daughter.”

He tried to hide the body, and he told police that he planned to end his life.

Police said after cutting the body into small parts with an electric tree cutter.

Manoj Ramesh Sane allegedly boiled body parts of it in a pressure cooker and roasted them on gas.

He had kept the body pieces in a bucket, tub, and cooker.

Times lines:

Manoj Ramesh Sane, age 52, and Saraswati Vaidya, age 32, met in 2014 where he was working. 

Manoj kills his live-in-partner and chops his body into over 20 pieces 

Police nab Manoj Ramesh Sane in the lift.

Manoj Ramesh Sane was remanded in police custody till June 16, 2023.

As reported by India Today, it is suspected that the accused may have fed the body parts to stray dogs to escape from the police.

The body pieces were collected from the kitchen and sent to Sir JJ Hospital for forensic analysis.

Mumbai Mira Road Flat

Accused Mumbai Mira Road Flat

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