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The recent buzz surrounding the use of snake venom as an intoxicant in rave parties has sparked a wave of shock and controversy. Well-known YouTuber and former Bigg Boss participant, Elvish Yadav, finds himself entangled in this contentious matter. The pressing concern remains: how can snake venom, a substance lethal enough to cause fatality, be used for intoxication?

The focal incident revolves around the illegal distribution of venom from poisonous snakes at these social gatherings. Despite the lethal nature of snake venom, it has found its way into the scene of rave parties, raising a fundamental question about its use and effects on individuals.

A recent raid conducted by the Noida Police, in collaboration with the Forest Department, resulted in the arrest of five individuals and the confiscation of nine snakes, including five highly venomous cobras. Additionally, a python and a horse-drawn snake were among the seized reptiles. Furthermore, the authorities discovered 20 ml of snake venom in possession of the accused individuals. The revelation that snake venom is being used for intoxication in rave parties across Delhi-NCR has heightened concerns.

The issue escalated when an NGO associated with BJP leader Maneka Gandhi lodged a complaint, implicating Elvish Yadav for allegedly providing contact information of an individual named Rahul in this case.

Understanding the process of intoxication with snake venom: Contrary to common misconceptions about snakes, not all of them are venomous. Reports suggest that only about 30 percent of snakes are venomous. Among these, the venom of certain snakes affects the human brain, inducing numbness, while others affect blood coagulation.

Individuals seeking intoxication through snake venom typically select venom that numbs the brain. However, the dosage is kept minimal due to the potential risks of paralysis from excessive amounts. A mild dose induces temporary numbness in the brain. It’s important to note that snake venom-based intoxication yields a potent effect, stronger than other substances. Overdosing can lead to severe consequences, even fatal outcomes.

Distinguishing between snake bites and intoxication with snake venom: While some individuals fall victim to snake bites directly, others choose substances derived from snake venom for intoxication. Snake charmers are often brought in at rave parties where individuals opt to be bitten by snakes. The cost of their services tends to be arbitrary.

Conversely, the worth of a single drop of snake venom can reach exorbitant amounts, even in the lakhs. Hence, a process involving the mixture of certain chemicals with snake venom is employed. Notably, cobra venom fetches the highest prices.

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