RPF Constable Fatally Shoots ASI
RPF Constable Fatally Shoots ASI

RPF Constable Fatally Shoots ASI and Three Passengers on Mumbai-Bound Train


A grim tragedy unfolded aboard a Mumbai-bound train, leaving the nation in shock and mourning. An RPF (Railway Protection Force) constable, identified as Chetan Kumar, perpetrated an inexplicable act of violence, claiming the lives of an Associate Sub-Examiner (ASI) and three unsuspecting passengers. The incident occurred between the Vapi and Palghar stations in Maharashtra, sending shockwaves through the railway community.

In a swift response to the heinous crime, the diligent efforts of the Public Authority Rail Line Police (GRP) resulted in the arrest of the accused constable, Chetan Kumar. The law enforcement authorities acted promptly to ensure accountability and justice for the victims and their grieving families.

According to railway officials, the unfortunate incident occurred around 5.23 a.m., when Chetan Kumar, part of the escorting staff, unexpectedly opened fire on his colleague and escort in charge, ASI Tika Ram. Tragically, the indiscriminate shooting also claimed the lives of three passengers traveling on Train No. 12956, the Jaipur-Mumbai Superfast Express.

As investigations continue, the motive behind this horrifying act remains unclear. The railway authorities are working tirelessly to unravel the events that led to such a devastating outcome. Meanwhile, the bereaved families, as well as the railway community, grapple with the profound loss and seek solace during this difficult time.

The well-being and security of travelers on trains are of paramount importance, and incidents like these raise concerns about the well-being of travelers while they embark on their journeys. The railway authorities are reevaluating safety protocols and reinforcing measures to prevent such tragic occurrences in the future.

As the country grieves the deficiency of lives in this heart-rending incident, the railway fraternity stands united in extending support and compassion to the affected families. The memory of the victims shall remain etched in the collective conscience, urging all stakeholders to work collaboratively to uphold safety standards and ensure the sanctity of train travel.

May the departed souls rest in peace, and their families find strength and healing in this time of immense sorrow. The quest for equity for the people in question and responsibility for the perpetrator remains an unwavering commitment as we collectively strive for safer and more secure railways.

RPF constable Chetan Kumar

RPF Constable Chetan Kumar

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