Blast In Kerala
Blast In Kerala

Kalamassery Blast Update: Man Surrenders, Claims Responsibility for Jehovah’s Witnesses Conference Explosion


kerala blast news: The recent tragic incident at the Samara International Convention Center in Kalamassery, Kerala, during a Jehovah’s Witnesses conference has led to devastating consequences. An explosion occurred, resulting in significant casualties and injuries. As the situation unfolds, here are the key details:

The Incident:
The explosion took place during a Jehovah’s Witnesses conference on a Sunday morning, where over 2000 attendees were present. The impact was severe, leading to casualties and injuries among those gathered.

Casualties and Injuries:
Following the blast, 52 individuals have been admitted to various hospitals. Currently, 18 individuals are in the Intensive Care Unit, with six in critical condition. Among the critically injured is a 12-year-old girl, sustaining 90% burns. Tragically, two individuals, including a woman named Libina, lost their lives in the blast.

Claim of Responsibility:
A person identifying himself as a member of the ‘Jehovah’s Witnesses’ surrendered in Thrissur district, claiming responsibility for the multiple blasts that shook the Christian religious gathering in Kalamassery.

Attacker’s Surrender:
Identified as Dominic Martin, the alleged attacker surrendered and provided evidence to support the claim. Authorities are actively investigating the motives and authenticity of these claims.

Investigations and Responses:
Law enforcement, including the Kerala Director General of Police, Sheikh Darvesh Sahab, is actively investigating the incident. Special Investigation Teams (SIT) are set to delve into the matter further.

Government and Public Response:
State officials, including the Governor and Chief Minister, expressed shock and deep concern over the incident. Efforts are being made to ensure proper medical care and support for the affected individuals. Additionally, an all-party meeting has been called to address the situation.

This tragic incident has sparked concerns and raised questions regarding the motives and nature of the explosion. Authorities are diligently working on the case to ensure justice and uncover the truth behind this devastating event.

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